Challenge the iPad , Microsoft will Rely on Windows 8

Microsoft still cool calm despite seeing the Apple and Google scramble cake tablet market . But that does not mean that the software giant stand idle. Secretly, they are preparing a secret weapon in the form of a tablet operating system . Reported by CNET and quoted on Friday (4 / 3 / 2011 ), Microsoft is not going to challenge Apple and Google in the near future, but in the year 2012 . Yes, in the year that Microsoft reportedly will release the Windows operating system 8 which has a user interface specifically for the tablet . Microsoft ' s long dominated the PC market , but keteteran in tablet segment . They lost than Android , Apple is still much less dominant with 90% market share. Might Apple be challenged by Google that makes Android Honeycomb , a special tablet OS. But Microsoft has yet to fight . Indeed OS Windows 7 is used by some product of tablets , but because basically this OS is for the PC , he was considered less than ideal is used in tablets . No wonder then if Microsoft felt the need to create a suitable OS for the tablet. Some rumors have grown about the seriousness of the Microsoft . Media Business Insider claims , a company founded Bill Gates will demonstrate the tablet with Windows 8 in late June 2011 . There is also a tablet leaked Dell Windows 8 , which reportedly sold beginning in 2012 . But Microsoft is considered too slow moving . " If 2011 was the year war tablet, Microsoft will be late to enter , " said Michael Gartenberg from research firm Gartner . Yes, the longer Microsoft released OS for the tablet, more and more time for Google and IPAD gripped the market . (detik)

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