F 1 Car V 8 Supercar beat record

Bathurst: One cars Formula One or F 1 has recently set a new record on the track Bathurst, Australia ' s famous racing circuit . Subvert his record- engined V8 supercar with 20 seconds faster. Note that unofficial time was 1 minute 48 seconds obtained F 1 2009 world champion Jenson Button . He is also the first time driving a Formula One circuit across it. Record Button is obtained using the McLaren car . Record that exceeded the previous record of the Holden Commodore V 8 Supercar , which is 2 minutes six seconds in the name of Craig Lowndes in 2010 . Lowndes , five times winner at the Circuit Bathurst, just one second slower than Button when it turns to try the Formula One car . Event rate was held by Vodafone mounts, which is a sponsor for a costume that is used both for Button ' s team McLaren and Lowndes V8 Supercar . When they each try Commodore V8 Supercar , Lowndes recorded six seconds faster than Button , which is 2 minutes 11 seconds versus 2 minutes 17 seconds . Lowndes car revealed F 1 impressive when compared to a V 8 Supercar , moreover F 1 could go faster . Lowndes enjoys the opportunity to drive a car and admitted he did not expect when asked to become a racing driver F 1 team. " It ' s been 14 years late to get a chance in the F 1 , " he said . Meanwhile , Jenson Button ' s claim challenging circuit . " I ' m hard to control the car when it approached a bend ( at the corner of Conrod Straight ) , " he said .

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