FLORIDA - NASA introduced the first human robot , which was launched into space by space shuttle Discovery , two weeks ago . The astronauts on the international space station finally introduce the Robonaut, two weeks ago after arriving at the station . NASA broadcast the event was a humorous introduction . Astronaut Catherine Coleman ( United States) and Paolo Nespoli (Italy ) opened the packing box robots as if they opened a coffin. Camera TV show box full of foam, but no signs of a robot in there . Robonaut, which is also known as R 2 , finally seen a few minutes later in front of the station . " I would like to introduce you to our newest crew member . We want to see what can be done Robonaut, " Coleman said as quoted by the Straits Times , Thursday ( 17 / 3 / 2011 ) . R 2 even already have a Twitter account - his own , namely @ AstroRobonaut . In its update, R 2 ' write ' " Look at me . I ' m in space!" .

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