iPad tablet More U . S . Doctors

CALIFORNIA - Market tablets are no longer only dominated by Apple iPad thanks to a phenomenal product that was launched 2010 . But Apple seems to not be afraid of competition , after more than 70 percent of doctors in the United States ( U . S . ) claims if iPad is the primary choice for professional purposes. An online survey of 341 U . S . professional doctor in February 2011 revealed that 79 percent of them would choose for iPad their job needs . It was reported by Cellular News , Thursday ( 3 / 3 / 20110 ). That figure is much higher than other options , namely a Windows PC ( 12 percent ) and Android- based tablets ( 9 percent ) . Among medical workers who already have the iPad , 59 percent of them claim to use the device to the needs of their work. Including receiving and checking the latest information, completing paperwork, as well as an important tool to their standard practices. The survey also revealed that approximately 38 percent of U . S . medical workers will have at least one unit of the iPad , 2012 . " This study shows that Apple' s iPad would be a more important part in the life of a day - day medical workers , in order to increase productivity and stay updated with the latest developments in the medical world , " said Mark Benthin COO Aptilon . " Following the increasing number of users iPad among medical workers , Aptilon expect to see increased opportunities for interaction between industry professionals with medical workers who seek relevant medical content , using their tablet, " added Benthin . (okezone)

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