MeeGo Netbook Coming Again Soon

NEW YORK - Early last week , Intel said that without or with Nokia , MeeGo will continue to run . And manufacturing companies this is his word. Yes, they plan to bring a netbook that runs with system MeeGo. Although not look like MeeGo will win the war smartphone or tablet near future, the presence of OS was recently seen walking on the netbook 10. 1 - inch . According to Nicole Scott of Netbook News , was quoted Saturday (12 / 3 / 2011 ) , the netbook market will be targeted at Russia , rumored to have a processor 1 , 5 GHz Intel Atom N 550, GMA 3150 graphics and screen size of 10 , 1 inch , with 1024 x 600 pixel screen . Unfortunately , the battery on this netbook was only 8 hours in with a 24 WH . However, Nicole noted , MeeGo still quite a versatile operating system an open platform - source capable of turning a variety of handsets , tablets and netbooks . " And that is probably why Nokia did not release the first MeeGo. MeeGo has a long- term potential, the potential keywords that are difficult dieelakan , " he said Additional specifications include the netbook MeeGo it is 1 GB of RAM , a 160GB hard drive , WiFi / Bluetooth, SD card slot, weight of approximately 2 , 4 pounds .

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