The recall ( recall) of a car is not just happening in the car ' normal ' course. Evidence , Jaguar has just attracted more than 6 . 000 units of Jaguar XK and XF because it has a problem . As quoted from page detikOto cars . com , Friday ( 18 / 3 / 2011 ) 6 . 085 units that newfangled Jaguar XK sports car and a newfangled XF sedan had to be in drag because there are problems in the power - steering system . Problems with the power - steering include long- term problem . Because the pipe that connects the steering Jaguar indicated susceptible to corrosion . So that over time can cause fluid by seeping out and causing loss of function of this power - steering. In a document submitted to the Traffic Safety Board and the American Highway or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( NHTSA ) , Jaguar said power assist steering ( pas) are assembled using zinc - nickel plate which may not provide corrosion protection . Loss of function of the power steering will make the car more difficult to be steered so that according to American safety agency it could cause an accident . Power - steering fluid can also lead to a fire in the car . Recall that done by the Jaguars in two car this is not the first time. Because in July last year they also recall that the two car models because it has a potential problem in the fuel system.

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