Stem Cell to Cure Blindness

WORLD medical re- discover the latest techniques stem cells for people with blindness. This new therapy course make new hope for those with imperfect eyesight. Scientists at Cambridge University believe a blind person can see again or recovering after surgery performed stem cell transplants ( stem cells / stem cells ) from their own bodies. This is one of the biggest success of the amazing field of cell therapy for developing . They have succeeded in doing experiments on rats , and hope to begin human trials within five years . This method involves taking stem cells from bone marrow and injecting them in solution into the back of the eye . There , they help cells - the cells of the optic nerve which is to degenerate further . They also can change the theselves into cells - a new optic nerve cells , reverse the damage, and improve vision. " Finding a treatment to reverse blindness is no longer in the realm of science fiction . We do this in animal models, and the results are very encouraging, that we hope to soon move forward into testing in humans, " said Professor Keith Martin, a neuroscientist at Cambridge University and surgeon eye at Addenbrooke ' s Hospital, which quoted from the Telegraph. " Stem cell treatment move forward very quickly in many branches of medicine , and we see some of the best results in the eyes, " he continued . Furthermore , Prof Martin said , " We have been concentrating on glaucoma because it' s so common, but there are quite a few diseases that affect their optic nerve, such as inflammatory disease , which can be used here too . " While the team has managed to stop glaucoma in rats , and reverses decreased to some extent , they are still working on the final goal , namely how to cure blindness. There are 300 thousand people in the UK are diagnosed with glaucoma , although the number of patients considered to be two - fold . Most of the more than 40. This condition is usually caused by raised eye pressure, and damage to the optic nerve , which transmits signals from the retina to the brain. Field of vision narrows slowly over many years or decades . Prof Martin said the new technique could help the two groups in particular . Namely those who are diagnosed with advanced glaucoma , and those who developed early in life . " The treatment of existing, lower eye pressure , works well for most people, but it is a prevention strategy . It is useless for those with advanced glaucoma , " he said . In addition , lowering the eye pressure alone can not prevent glaucoma for several decades . The project is funded by a grant of 320 thousand pounds of the charity Fight for Sight, which supports ( SAT ), World Glaucoma Day. Dr . Dolores Conroy , Fight for Sight research officer explained, " The progress of stem cell technology tends to revolutionize treatment for diseases such as glaucoma . We must invest in research now , so treatment to save, and potentially restore , see millions of people who are available in the future . "

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