Taurus XL NASA

WASHINGTON - NASA Mission Taurus XL rocket launches carrying satellites to observe climate changes in Earth ' s total failure . Just a few minutes after launch, the rocket is ' free fall ' into the Pacific Ocean. Not long ago , NASA launched the Taurus XL rocket carrying the satellite Glory , at 2 : 09 am local from Vandenberg Air Force base in California. Glory satellite will be launched for a three- year mission to analyze the impact of flying particles in the Earth' s climate . However, the mission that takes funds of USD 424 million that it has failed miserably. Taurus XL only got to glide for several minutes before falling into the sea . This is the second time embarrassing incident occurred , after the same type of rocket also fell , 2009 . " This incident is very embarrassing . They missed something in the investigation (of the first incident) and the work they do after that , " said professor Henry Lambright of Syracuse University was quoted as saying Yahoonews , Saturday (5 / 3 / 2011 ). Mission NASA' s environmental division , which took place frequently experienced failure lately . Analysts say the government' s budget cuts to aeronautics and space agency that became one of the causes . Even so, the head of NASA ' s Earth Science , Michael Freilich, asserted , the problem faced by NASA is not that bad . " We should not forget the fact that NASA is now flying 13 missions of research , which will bring great advances to our geography , " he said .( okezone )

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