3D TV Technology FPR

seoul: Watch impressions three dimensions is exciting. Moreover, now appears that television can display 3D image. We seemed to be brought into stories and engaging in viewing it. But recently emerged many complaints against comfort glasses should be used to watch the 3D show. Besides weight, the special 3D glasses using old technology was less convenient because it makes the eyes tired, dizzy, and nausea. The quality of images we see feels less than the maximum, because spectator can not move freely with glasses are worn. Slight shifts only, the picture quality less clear and less sharp. Even when eye or head tilt or move our watch with sleeping or resting position in sofa, the picture is viewed will be dark. Not to mention, the old technology in glasses 3D must use a cable to connected the glasses with the plane television. But now, the complaints can be resolved with the presence of FPR technology for 3D glasses. With this latest technology 3D glasses into a lighter which is 14 gram. Compare with 3D glasses SG technology that weighs 40 grams. Glasses with a lighter FPR technology because it is made of thin plastic material. Watch a three-dimensional impressions FPR glasses also become more comfortable because these glasses are very flexible. We can move freely while watching and 3D display quality is unchanged. Glasses FPR also does not require cables that connect it with television set. FPR any form of 3D glasses can be made more stylish and even now there in the form of the fold, which can be attached to your glasses everyday, so can opened and closed as necessary. The No less important is the price is much more cheap. The whole family can have it so no need to rush when watching 3D. "So in addition to lightweight and flexible, glasses FPR is also cheaper. You can buy for the whole family, "said Ho Young Chang, marketing manager LCD TV for Asia, when interviewed Liputan6.com SCTV, Monday (21 / 3) in the office LG Electtronics center, in the Seoul area Square, Jung-Gu, Seoul. Now a number of companies producing Television has been using 3D tech teknolofi FPR, including LG Electronics, Phiplips, Vizio, and a number of aircraft products television from China. Sony reportedly will also FPR using this technology. In Indonesia, a number of aircraft products 3D television has begun to circulate, while LG Electronics will launch 3D television products in April future. Television set is at once applying smart technology TV, which allows its users directly connected to the Internet.

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