Apple 'Killer World Wide Web '

CALIFORNIA - Roger MacNamee, a businessman who has invested heavily Palm and up in the past, has been said that Apple won battle with Google for Internet. MacNamee said in 2009 is beginning of Apple's success with iPhone, Apple has considered the premium model focused for the application, whereas Google is more to the index-based approach stagnant. MacNamee, in an interview with CNBC, which launched Sunday (17/04/2011), said that the reason Google is the dependence of stagnation World Wide Web in HTML - which "Has not changed for a decade." Apple's approach with applications Internet-based is a far more innovative, he said, and the popularity of the iPhone and iPad means that companies Cupertino began to wrest control of Google, a company that has been dominate the web for many years now. "Currently Apple just kill the World Wide Web by adapting iPad and iPhone which has sold nearly 100 million units this year. I mean, these numbers a surprising number, "said MacNamee. Apple also took the fight rival Other tradtional such as Microsoft, MacNamee opinion. "This is year in which Microsoft has fallen in below 50 percent of the devices internet connection, down from 97 percent 10 years ago, "he said. According MacNamee, Windows will entering the cycle of decline, whereas Apple will come forward with IPAD 2. IPad success and approach Apple through which applications will focus see the company lead a 10-yearly cycle of growth company and a technology industry overall.

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