The Chinese government bans Machine

BEIJING - The People's Republic of China has issued prohibition against residents who use a time machine. Even though in fact, is not necessarily a time machine really made. Yes, this is a rule rather confusing, because time machine itself is not necessarily to be made, because it is still raises the pros and cons. However, these reasons apply to films that discuss a time machine. According to the New York Times, Friday (4/15/2011), the reason to own China worried because there are people who do not respect Chinese history. The concept of movies and television shows that give the impression that it is possible to go backwards in time and things things that offend change very noble Chinese ancestry offensive. One of the events are quite popular is the Palace, where a woman interested in a painting of the Qing dynasty, travel back in time and then fall in love with some prince. State of the State Administration for Radio, Film & Television has states that producers and writers treat history serious reckless manner, should not need anymore encouraged to work.

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