Galaxy Pro and Galaxy S Super

Samsung indication Android phones increasingly become a market leader in Indonesia seems to have seen. Travel is still long, but Samsung Electronics Indonesia can not keep quiet. After releasing four Galaxy series (Ace, Mini, Gio, and the Fit), today released two different series with four earlier series. They are the new forces, such as Samsung Galaxy Pro which has two input (touch screen and QWERTY) and Samsung Galaxy S Super Clear LCD. Both will enliven Android groups. Galaxy Pro for example, came to provide a lure for still like to manually type the key. The design is pretty sexy and has Froyo use Android OS. The concept of SNS (Social Networking Service) seems to want to put forward by this series. The fact that we can see other than the use of the earlier type, also Samsung has offered an instant messeging own name Samsung IM. In addition, this series is also expected to be much used to exploit new application called WhatsApp the latter mentioned will be a killer application BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). Because, with this application, which evena number of features exceeds the fuel-everyone can be mutually connectwith conversation texts indiscriminately. iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, or any of its products will be easy to do chat. This is because WhatsApp not require special ID or PIN, but using the phone number. Galaxy Pro is strengthened by the processor enough for its class, of 800 MHz. 3 MP resolution camera into other parts of reliable power. Width of 512 MB memory with additional memory card that could swallow up to 32 data GB. Got a 2.8-inch wide screen, but the technology used still resistive. While the successor to Galaxy S sales outstanding carried by S Galaxy which now diembel-arbitration Super Clear LCD. Yes, power quality 4-inch wide screen that became the spearhead of the series this. Display screens are brighter, due to the reflection factor refeksi reduced light, and a faster response when you do input. This will appear when you are running. While ketajam screen can be proven when playing videos high definition (HD). Improved the display sector is also supported by technology MDNIE aka Mobile Digital Natural Image Engine), which is used on the many flat screen televisions (LCD and LED) Samsung named DLNE. This series has a higher processor of course. Ie 1 GHz with two memory options 4 GB and 16 GB. Both are still seconded by the memory card. Galaxy S Super Clear LCD are a series of high end. Then Bluetooth was also using the latest version (3.0), 5 MP camera, and be able to read almost all video and audio formats. This series uses OS Froyo. In the concept of Samsung, the mobile-phone already integrated with other Samsung devices. That feature named All Share via DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). Thus, photos, video, or any data can share the other devices. Samsung wants to close all sub-categories of Android phones. And, facts have spoken. This year the six products had arrived. Just waiting for the next variant Galaxy Tab. Eka Anwar, Head of Marketing, Business HHP Samsung Electronics Indonesia mention that the sale of Galaxy Tab quite successful. "Far from 10 thousand units, "he said.

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