Honeycomb, All Tablets Android 'Mandatory Use'

Asus Eee Pad Transformer will be one tablet The first - if not the most first - That presents a tablet with the system Honeycomb Android operating in Indonesia. Before discussing the matter further these devices, let's first spy like what is Honeycomb. Since the first screen, Honeycomb soon shows the difference with 'kakak'- him. Android OS is present minimus with typical layout tablets. In general, the main screen Honeycomb divided into three areas: system bar, action bar and the main screen. Bar System System bar is an area at the bottom of the screen that covers the main keypad, notification and status. The main button is meant is Back, Home and Recent Apps. Android Users certainly already familiar with the Back button and Home, each useful for 'Return to the previous screen' (back) and displays the Home Screen. Well, the Recent Apps is a new button in Honeycomb is useful for featuring several new applications only accessible to users. If the touch (tap) will appear last of five applications opened, complete with names and thumbnail view last. On the right side is the location for the System Bar notification and status. Not separated from the This is the clock. Then there battery status and connectivity (eg, WiFi, Bluetooth or other). Other Notifications also emerged is that associated with the application. For example, if the title new messages into Gmail, it will raised there. This area will also showing such things as status download applications from the Android Market. Action Bar Action bar at the top of the screen and is transparent. On the Home Screen, This section displays the Google Search (Complete with Voice Search button), Apps button (to display list applications) as well as the + button to adjust Home Screen view. When running the application, this area will display the menu could be appropriate context of the currently running applications. In the default browser, this area became the tabs and menus. On the Market, this area can contain a search box, shortcuts to My Apps Apps to categories that are visits. Home Screen The main part of the Honeycomb screen size. Honeycomb appearance feel more relieved than Android previously. In addition to the Asus screen Transformer, this is because the resolution supported by a 'honeycomb' is indeed greater. HomeScreen on Honeycomb can be filled by various widgets and shortcuts to application. The arrangement is based on the grid, so that it looks more tidy. Another interesting feature of Android is Live Wallpapers. On Honeycomb, Live Wallpapers also available to securities more indulgent eye. Live Wallpaper that had tested Asus detikINET on this Transformer is Maps and My Water. Maps will map showing the location of the user with data from Google Maps. While My Water will display surface water with ice chunks floats on top. Surface water will be skewed according to the position of the tablet, whereas reflect the water surface elevation device battery status. To set the Widget, Shortcut, Wallpaper and other users can touching the + button at the top right of the Home Touch screen or a blank area Home Screen for some time. Applications AndroidMarket: One of the applications The most significant changes are Android Market. This time it looks equipped with a main screen shows some applications preferred the top. One thing that is interesting from the Market is there a price tag in Rupiah. Android Market will automatically displays the approximate price of a application in Rupiah. Browser: As I had mentioned, Honeycomb browser has the look multi-tabs. Some of its features include 'Incognito' browsing without carrying alias history. Because of relatively still new, not yet many applications for Honeycomb a available. Some applications are quite capable of meets the screen, including the game series Angry Birds are popular. But quite a lot of applications that feels awkward because it does not support the resolution big screen. This resulted in the application appears as a small box center / edge of a black screen. But not to worry, the problem anyway will be overcome if more and more developers who develop applications for Honeycomb. Conclusion Eventhough it tasted detikINET Honeycomb is relatively short, the impression of This usage is enough to concluded that the tablets Android anything that will go to market should at least use the Android OS Honeycomb. Fromthe side view, features and comfort Honeycomb appears as the ideal OS. Surely must be supported by the ability hardware is capable, the one thing that has Asus filled Transformer.

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