Will the Next NSX Use Hybrid Engine

TOKYO - rumors reappearance NSX super car made ​​from car manufacturers Japan, Honda seems to be a reality. Because the Honda display a car that was estimated would be The NSX successor in title Shanghai Auto Show 2011. President of Honda Motor Co. Takanobu Ito Honda will make sure that gave birth to a new sports car will be the successor of the Acura NSX. As quoted from Thursday autonews (04/28/2011) Ito Ito claim despite will become a vicious car, car This new sport will also be more friendly environment. Unfortunately, when so released, we do not will hear the distinctive roar sangar powerful as a car engine where Previous NSX. Because it seems Honda will provide the hybrid force on the NSX latest. As is known, has the old NSX powerful engine. However, due to financial crisis, ultimately Honda make savings on initial cost in 2008 by stopping NSX production. Honda NSX future plan will use a V10 engine that is at least to produce power 500 hp. But with the statement Ito, it seems the plan will not accomplished. But Honda did not provide additional details on the car which uses a combination machine conventional and electric motor or time to launch. "We will worked very hard on it. "Said Honda engineers.

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