Xperia Arc

Xperia Arc is Sony Ericsson's superior products in the year 2011. Vendor Swedish-Japanese joint venture The sinking of technology updated on Xperia Arc. Some time then, had to do a quick detikINET Android-based phone reviews This Gingerbread. Let's look at testing Xperia further towards the Arc. Classy Design In addition to software that is reliable, the factors design a cell phone no less clear important to attract consumers. And Sony Ericsson looks working hard to make differentiation of this product design. Sexy, that's what radiates from the body Xperia Arc. The design is distinctive, with a section back curved inward. Especially again, including the Arc's thinnest smartphone world with the thinnest part is only 8.7 mm. 4.2-inch wide-screen size, make this phone look bongsor. The back of the phone is made of material plastic. However, this plastic solid and does not seem cheap. Its edges decorated by a layer of metal. Arguably, external appearance and very stylish Xperia Arc different than other Android phones. It weighs so too lightly, perhaps due to the thin body of this smart phone. The bottom of the screen has three buttons navigation with the typical form of Sony Ericsson. The material is made of shiny plastic and no significant difficulties when pressed. At the top emblazoned on / off button and HDMI port. Then the hole 3.5 mm headphone is on the left side. Side decorated right volume buttons and keys camera. Unfortunately, some key measures small so it is quite difficult to use, mainly on the camera button. Often hand slipped when trying to operate it. Sony Technology Performance Now switch to the performance side. Xperia Arc is equipped Android Gingerbread or version 3.0, the latest version of the OS 'green robot'. Then the magnitude 1 GHz processor. What are the capabilities offered by Sony Ericsson in this phone? First of attention focused on section 16 million color screen resolution 854x480. Sony Ericsson to use technology dubbed as Reality Display. Looks comfortable in the eye, this screen display produces a relatively sharp and quite clearly visible under the light sun. Sony Bravia Mobile participate Technology included, who claimed to sharpen contrast and sharpness of images and video. When used to view images natural scenery, it gembar gembor quite evident. Images appear clear and colors can be translated with good. The contrast colors clearly defined, eg the red color looks on. Sector strengthened camera with Exmor R, a sensor that is usually only found in cameras made by Sony. This feature claimed to increase the sensitivity of the camera when used in low-light areas. And detikINET testing more or less prove it. When used in a dark room and only a little light on the targeted object, the camera looks more slick Arc compared to the finished shooting smartphone comparison, in this case LG Optimus 2X equally powerful 8 megapixels. Although both visible light, the object targeted via Arc appear brighter results. In normal situations, the images appear nice. Composition of color looks accurate. This phone also provides Flash LED lighting and a wide range shooting features like a touch focus, image stabilization, geo-tagging, to smile detection Arcis also capable of recording video quality HD 720p. And thanks to the HDMI facility, then the user can link with a larger screen, for example television, to watch the tape. The presence HDMI not only limited to displaying images or video to another device that also supports features Similar, but also to show menu other. Onthe music player, the interface looks minimalist like the Android phones other. Sound output via the speaker sounded normal course, even if it seems a bit broken played in high volume. But when headset is attached, the sound quality can reliable and clear the music swelled. Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread Android version 2.3.2 so the system Arc Xperia operation. These are the hallmarks separately for a variety of new mobile phones still use the version of Android on the bottom, although there may be promise updgrade. Gingerbread offers a variety of advantages such as better copy and paste or a better power management. The screen on the Xperia Arc has 5 pieces homescreen that can be customized according the user wishes. Switching between screen can go smoothly despite sometimes there is little lag symptoms. Interestingly there is fashion in Overview where users can gather all the widgets that exist on all screens on one screen only. So the user can see all the widgets that they display on the screen with ease. This handset also comes with an application Timescape, Sony Ericsson's unique interface. This feature will integrate access to various social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Sony Ericsson does not unify Timescape directly to UI Arc, but provide it as an application separately. This is easier if the user do not want to use it. In terms of internal memory, only Arc provides capacity is 320 MB. But Sony Ericsson is already providing 8GB microSD included in the sales package. For the performance battery, equipped Arc 1500 mAh resources. With the use of casual without a lot access the Internet or play games, Arc may last about a day. However, power This resistance can be reduced drastically if the user Arc to do a lot of wear various functions. In general, be inappropriate Xperia Arc Sony Ericsson's flagship mobile phone. Being sexy armed with the latest technologies makes it a serious challenger in the universe Android smartphone. Provisions Android Gingerbread and technologies such as Exmor R and Bravia Engine is quite evident ability, making the Arc could be choice. Of course need to be prepared pocket approximately USD 5.5 million to redeem it. Pros: - Design section - Android Gingerbread - Exmor R and Bravia Engine Disadvantages: - Some buttons are too small - Small internal memory

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