Aston Martin Rare Collection Kingdom England

LONDON - There was an interesting time of the procession marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton. After displaying affection with a kiss on the balcony of the action twice, William-Kate out and greet the public with driving Aston Martin. Not just any Aston Martin, because the car coded DB6 Mark II is an antique car at the time born is a special edition vehicles produced in small amounts. Antique cars are increasingly popular as claimed friendly environment, because the use of fuel from the dregs of wine rather than gasoline made from fossil as usual. The car was purchased William's father, Prince Charles, in 1969. And for many years the father do the conversion to the car is to be able to walk by using materials burn biofuels. Initially, this car made famous by the movie James Bond, Aston Martin's model has been coveted by collectors during many years. Actually, the United Kingdom has a large collection of vehicles antique, terrmasuk various models of Rolls Royce. However, vehicles used today, Aston Martine Band DB6 very rare that they use. Now, when Prince pernikanan the UK in the future, Aston Martin DB6 was dressed in a stylish wedding traditional, complete with ribbons, balloons, and a unique number plate can be read "Ju5t WED." This car sticks dikendarain William during the reception, with escorted by a Range Rover just behind Aston Martin, and RAF Rescue helicopter. According to some sources, this legendary car is a model longest production ever produced Aston Martin, DB6 is an improved version of the DB5. Power source using a six-cylinder engine capacity 4.0-liter with twin overhead camshaft. Engine is capable of generating power up to 282hp at 5500 rpm and 295 lb-ft of torque at 4500 rpm. Acceleration from rest position upto 60mph can be reached within 8.4 seconds.

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