Justin Bieber Lips Kiss Selena in Indonesia

lOS ANGELES - Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez started their love story with a secret. Both re- photographers caught kissing lip. This time, the young lovebirds kiss over Justin concert news conference in Indonesia. When Justin's concert in Indonesia, April 23 2011, he brought with Selena. Without shyly, a pair of teenagers who were romantic couple that kiss after bye press. Thus was launched Dailymail, Tuesday (10/05/2011). Both are suspected to have been secretly dating for months ago, before performing together on the red carpet Oscar. Selena recently revealed that they have made a decision to go public with their relationship. "I do not like hiding. I want keep certain things for yourself. But in the end, I turned 18 and I'll fall in love. I'll hang out with the people, and I will explore yourself. I'm fine Just by doing that, "said Selena. When asked if he ever falls love before with Justin, he replied, "I do not know. I probably has a first love and never broken liver, but actually I do not think that it is love. I think because I'm getting older and have a deeper relationship, maybe I will experience it. Currently, my do not know exactly if ever fall love. " Whilethey clearly fall in love one another, they are both committed to promoting career. Justin is currently undergoing a tour Asia. Meanwhile, Selena is currently doing a summer tour with Scene groups, and already planning activities in the last season Disney event. (Ang)

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