Mercedes Benz AMG SLS Roadster Will Soon Produced

BERLIN-German car manufacturers Mercedes Benz, it seems serious bring super car version of the open roof AMG SLS model. According to Mercedes, new cars is still in testing stage and development. Experts AMG give special attention to aspects of the bodyshell stiffness, dynamics drive, the roof, and NVH (Noise, vibration and hardness). The plan, two-door car that will began on display at Frankfurt mat Auto Show 2011 which took place on September. Because the roof is no longer using the material plate, but the canvas, the weight of vehicles 2 pounds lighter than the version coupe. Interestingly, three-layer cloth soft top can opened and closed in a matter of 11 seconds with the touch of a button. The procession was also to take place in a state car runs on maximum speed of 50 km / hour. When it opened, then folded in the back chair. Soft top is stored in formation-Z to save luggage space. The car was named SLS AMG Roadster still through an intensive testing phase, including hard rain endurance test with 16 criteria and practical test in all climate zones. Cars can be powered 517 hp accelerated up to speed 317 km / hour. but limited top speed electronics for security reasons. For friends during the trip, the manufacturer star logo that gives the system Bang & Olufsen audio made ready produces bursts of sound of music of very high.

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