Osama Bin Laden Still Life

ISLAMABAD - Pakistani Taliban Leader claimed that Osama Bin Laden still life. Parties to assess the allegations of Taliban Bin Laden's death is very unfounded. Previously President of the United States Barack Obama sure that Bin Laden was killed in an operation U.S. military in the area of ​​Abbottabad, Pakistan. The leader of terrorist network al Qaeda was killed in a raw shoot. As reported by Bloomberg, Tuesday (05/03/2011), claim that Osama Bin Laden still life, raised by Pakistan's Taliban leadership their mengirimkanpernyataan GEO TV Pakistan Television. Osama Bin Laden declared dead in battle when a small team of U.S. military attacking a small house Abbotabbad. The U.S. itself has ensure that Bin Laden was was killed after performing a DNA test. Claims about Osama Bin Laden still This of course can lead to life confusion. Apart from the already the release of the results of DNA testing by the U.S.. As quoted from Arrahmah.com, Commander Wali Rahman, a Mujahideen commander in Pakistan, stated that Sheikh Osama bin Ladin is still alive and are in healthy condition. "I did not meet directly with Sheikh Osama, but I can clearly confirms the truth that Sheikh Osama bin Laden still alive and in good condition, "said Wali Rahman in a video statement Guest drawn from Islamic forum Ansar, quoting the BBC Arabic news broadcast.

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