Valentino Rossi Motor Auctions Again

California, Yamaha YZF- R1 whose designs are inspired from MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi will immediately enter the auction hall. This motor expected to conduct terlelang with prices of more than U.S. $ 30,000 or approximately USD 256.2 million. This motor is actually already been auctioned off in November last year, but will re-enter the auction on May 14 2011 at the Quail Lodge in Caramel Valley, California by Bonhams as auction firm. Graphic design was created by Don motor Emde which is also the Project Leader and the winner of the Daytona 200 race in 1972 and executed by Aldo Drudi. Helmet graphics are often used to imitate by The Doctor. This is not surprising because that is the Paolo Bacchiarello one AGV helmet designers also turned out also participated in the team that makes this motor. "Only with the improvement, the value of motor nearly $ 30,000, and that's without looking importance of project and engagement Rossi, " Bonhams said in a statement Thursday (05/05/2011). This motorcycle personally signed by Rossi. And for pambelinya, Yamaha will provide race courses a day at Yamaha Champions Riding School. As with previous auctions, the results from this auction will be used for charity. The proceeds from this auction will be taken to Africa to buy drugs required.

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