Indonesia Can Login Pirates Task Force International

After training Cooperatioan Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) 2011, Commodore D. Welch said the TNI AL has the potential to get into the Task Force international pirates. According to Welch, Navy has the ability to do so. Previously Commodore Welch explained exercise pirates crackdown included in CARAT 2011. Practice Visit Board and Search seizure (VBSS), the conducted at the KRI Imam Bonjol. "The main goal is to perform the procedure safe to bring guests to the boat. Then also run training pencarianpenuh with training ship. We succeeded in dividing tactics or conduct search process conducted by congratulations, "said Commodore Welch, Sunday (05/29/2011). Welch said the U.S. troops who participated and in this VBSS exercise claim capabilities and procedures performed Navy similar to the U.S. Navy. "The whole exercise went smoothly, and all troops returning from the U.S. Navy The exercises were satisfied and impressed with exercise. They also assess Indonesia is the same procedure performed conducted by the U.S., "said Welch. Welch added, when Navy forces decreased in five regions of the fleet, they join the task force (Task force) is a multinational task force 151. Task force or task force of anti- This was followed by a few pirates countries. "I know the Navy is also sending fleet in the task force (151) although officially signed in This organization, through this exercise can facilitate their path to join the task force multinational. This is due to the procedure which is run by the Navy not far different from the U.S. Navy, "said Commodore Welch. "I believe by looking at exercise and procedure performed, the Navy can join the international force anti-piracy and could be very effective, "he said. Responding to the assessment of Commodore Welch, the Navy is still not precisely assess able to join the Task Force 151. "If possible to join not yet yes, we will be more to sharing (experience) first, "said Lt. Col. Double Wilaga. While the participation of terrorism, Navy claimed to already have the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). For now, According to Lt. Col. Navy Doubles only exchange of experience. "As has been done by the Command Frog Force (Kopaska). They indeed more practice tactics. So the more technical field, including address and deal with a threat experienced by a ship that was hijacked. And This has been completed (trained) in Kopaska yesterday. (Saturday, 05/28/2011), "according to Lieutenant Colonel Double.

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