2016, Hotel Space ready Inhabited

a company
Russia offers the services of 'hotel '
commercial space for the civilian
who wish to enjoy
vacation in outer space.
As quoted by Mashable ,
Friday (19 / 8 / 2011), the age of
Space is almost here. if
You have the money $ 1 million, then
could try out lodging
space for five days in a hotel outside
space built by
Orbital Technologies company.
Visitors will be escorted to
Commercial Space Station
within 217 miles above the Earth with
using a Soyuz rocket.
Arriving there, then you
joined with six other tourists
(the station can not
accommodate many tourists).
Features that are a mainstay
Commercial Space Station may be
is tingkapan the ship's side, which
allows visitors to
view of Earth and
Although travel expenses are still
very expensive for airlines
commercial (USD1 million), the
hoped that by
the launch of 'tourism package'
may trigger the growth of
companies with services
similar services.
Until now there have reportedly been
9 private companies that are ready
launched a holiday package to the
space, so it will be
emerging new business climate more
competitive and friendly to the pocket

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