PayPal founder of Build Own country

CALIFORNIA - Peter Thiel , co -
PayPal founder and former one
Facebook financial backers,
investing $
USD 1, 25 million in a project 'island
otopia '.
Funds amounting to USD 1 , 25 million
have been
invested by Thiel for
Seasteading Institute , addressed
to several new countries in
resembles a giant ship
island . The ship itself will
will be in the middle of the waters
internationally .
' The island moves ', such as
Details are written by the site , will
try ideas of governance
libertarian . " Free from regulation ,
law , and the norm ,
differ from the countries
already exists. First on the island
will be built a city
small , which is expected to be
by millions of people in 2050 , "
he explained.
Also explained in the Details that
the island for the first
will be moving , powerful
diesel, has 12 thousand tons of
for room and 270 residents
with the same libertarian ideas .
Launched by Mashable, Thursday
( 18 / 8 / 2011 ).
Project leaders utopia island
Seasteading Institute is Patri
Friedman, former Google engineers
grandson of Milton Friedman, who
Where is the economist
Nobel Prize winner . Friedman
hope to launch the island
engaged in the coast of San
Francisco early next year .
Although sound pretty weird, but
ideas to establish a state
Small is not a thing
new . One of the ' state utopia'
The most known are
Principality of Sealand, which
founded in 1967 near
coast of Suffolk , England . Principality
Sealand has a currency ,
stamps , passports, and certificates
nobility of its own. Population
Principality of Sealand population
today is three people .

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