Present iPhone 4 'Package Save'

Apple will launch iPhone 4
8 GB version , according to a Reuters
report that
trace their sources to the two people .
As quoted from Pocket -Lint ,
( 24 / 8 / 2011 ), with rumors that the
iPhone 5
more widely, is currently also
circulating the news that
Apple will also launch the iPhone by
cheaper prices.
Apple lowered the price of their
by reducing the component
specification .
This step is done so that the older
version iPhone
can still be coupled parallel to the
iPhone 5
for terms of sales .
Unlike the old version of the iPad
' buried'
so the new version releases, Apple
offers something for products
previous iPhone in order to retain the
market . so
steps taken by Apple for iPhone 4
good enough to retain its market .
Reuters claims that the source of the
8 GB flash to be installed on the
iPhone 4 is
in the stage production in Korea.
other sources
from Reuters also mentions that the
iPhone 5
also will have a larger touch screen,
better antenna and a camera 8
Apple is expected to make
officially in September . Until now, even
date of any announcement on various
still confusing .

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