World Wide Web (WWW) Celebrate 20th Anniversary Year

There are special to
Internet users around the world
on August 6 , 2011 ago.
The reason is precisely that day , the
World Wide
Web (WWW) is celebrating its
its 20th year.
Yes , the WWW is always used by
Netter before entering
site address on the internet. WWW
' born'
on August 6 , 1991, which
invented by Sir Tim Berners- Lee.
Men from England
launched a web page to page
the first time 20 years ago.

Long before he was introduced to
general consumers, the WWW was
as a simple page that
display a link allows
a group of scientists to
sharing of data within limits - limits
their laboratory . However , by
Tim Berners-Lee
introduced to the public,
and since then it has been
integral part of
lives of billions of people .
Quoted by the Daily Mail , Monday
( 8 / 8 / 2011 ), born physicist
London is also scientist
the computer is working at
European Organization for Nuclear
( CERN ) in Geneva when he tried to
find better ways to
his colleagues for
linking data .
He first proposed the WWW
in 1989 and post
Data from the project in newsgroups
alt .hypertext, the project 's time
known by the name, "Project WWW
aims to allow
all links should be made to
any information anywhere "
While the first website
introduced is - http:/ /
info. cern. ch / hypertext / WWW /
TheProject . html - which runs on
nxoc 01. CERN . ch.
Not only want limited use
to users among
scientist , Tim Berner- Lee was
spread it all over the world
to the general public. " We
very interested in deploying
web to other areas and have
gateway servers for other data , "
he said.
And collaborate they did
in 1992, there were 50 web servers
around the world. And in
journey for 20 years
there are 19 . 68 billion more pages
created, or more than three
times the world's population

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