Chrysler 1947 Mobil Zippo

Chrysler 1947 Mobil Zippo
NEW YORK - Repair and modification of custom West Coast Customs make an old car Chrysler, 1947, into a car with a cigarette lighter, Zippo.

The result, this car becomes a vehicle for smokers dream. Zippo Car was first exhibited on 13 August at the event in 2011 NASCAR Nationwide Series Zippo 200 at Watkins Glen International.

"This is an exciting project for Zippo because it represents the arrival of a new generation and the future direction of this company. We are very excited to see Zippo 200 and proud to have the car parked next to the original Zippo 1947 Chrysler New Yorker," George Zippo owner Duke owner, such as cited by

This vehicle comes equipped with two large Zippo lighters that resemble the original Zippo. Furthermore, the door of the Chrysler New Yorker adorned with the logo Zippo. Remarkably, each letter is 24 karat gold plated.

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