Mini Cooper Present in India

Mini Cooper Present in India
NEW DELHI - Mini car manufacturer is developing its wings appears in the Indian automotive world. This is evidenced in the launch of the Mini Cooper for the Indian automotive market.

"After all these years, finally the Mini came also to the Indian automotive market. Because, the Mini is suitable to be in India, considering that this car is small and friendly environment. And also we have prepared several variants of the Mini to consumers in India, "explained Dr. Andrew Schaff, president of BMW India.

As reported by Motorbeam on Wednesday (9/28/2011) BMW will open a new dealership exclusively for mini in Mumbai and Delhi. And the launch of the Mini could soon be launched in India in December 2011.

Meanwhile, the Mini for the Indian market will tantamount to a mini which is marketed in several European countries and America. This car still has a gasoline engine and diesel. However, it will also be available in a slightly different version of the sporty with the two existing variants.

Furthermore, sales of the Mini in India is expected to follow the sales in the United States, Britain, Germany and Japan. In some countries, sales of the Mini is pretty good and continues to increase every month.

The plan, the Mini for the Indian automotive market will begin priced Rs 25 lakh and ready to compete with cars like that first circulated in India.

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