The record-breaking World's Strangest

The record-breaking World's Strangest
Today is Thursday, September 15, 2011 precisely, the Guinness Book of World Records 2011 was released.

There are some funny things, unique, strange and rare coloring pages in this book.

Such a funny dog ​​jumping rope 13 which originated from Japan. The Dogs of Circus Super Wan-Wan is good at jump rope together with very compact.

Not to be outdone by the dogs, a cat from the United States named Mymains Stewart Gilligan not only has a very long name for a cat, but cats of the couple Robin and Erik Hendrickson Brandsness has a body length of up to 123 centimeters. Male cat with short names Stewie was also crowned as the cat with the longest body in the world. Meanwhile, Stewie tail that reaches 41.5 inches, making Stewie as the cat with the longest tail domestic level.

Jean-Francois Vernetti from Switzerland, is a man with a collector warning 'Do Not Disturb' in the world. Vernetti have such warning signs as many as 11,111 different. Vernetti the warning signs have been collected since 1985 of 189 hotels in various countries.

Also see your most unique women like Chanel Tapper from California, United States, which has been a female owner of the longest tongue on this planet because it has a tongue along the 9.75 centimeters; Christine Walton (45) from Las Vegas, which has the longest fingernails. Long fingernails of her left hand reaching 309.8 centimeters, while the length of her right fingernails reaching 292.1 centimeters, and Aevin Dugas (36) from New Orleans, a woman with afro hair widest circumference hair that reached 1.32 meters .

Want to see the biggest pizza? You can find the biggest pizza with a width of 1.37 meters that made a pizza restaurant in California. Pizza giant to 100 people this can really be your message for 121 pounds, as there are in a restaurant menu with the name of Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria.

Other records exist Mark Byles, of Aylesford, Kent, a maker of ceramic pots in the world's fastest. As reported by Dailymail, Thursday (15/09/2011), Mark can make 150 ceramic pots in an hour.

The other is a unique violin world's largest, located in Germany. This violin has a high as 4.28 meters, 1.45 meters wide, and weighs 100 pounds. Despite the size of a giant, a violin made by 12 violinists from Markneukirchen, Germany is still playable
The record-breaking World's Strangest

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