honey cure acne

Jakarta, Honey has been known as one of the drinks that can increase stamina and keep you fit. Not only that, honey has antibacterial properties which also allows it to be expelled from facial acne.

At certain times during a person's life, such as during puberty, during menstruation and menopause, hormones cause overproduction of sebum, which when mixed with bacteria can cause acne.

Or P. acnes bacteria Proprionibacterium acnes is a strain of bacteria that normally live on human skin without causing damage to the skin. But if more and more production of sebum, bacteria can contribute to infect acne.

Earlier it was known that honey can be used as an antibacterial. It is based on a study conducted by the University of Texas Health Science Center is known that honey is rich in sugar, so it can help create an environment where bacteria can not survive.

When applied to wounds or infections, the hydrogen peroxide contained in the honey will be issued to the skin, which acts as an antiseptic. Reported DermaNetNZ, Saturday (01/10/2011), which are formed when hydrogen peroxide diluted honey can heal wounds including acne infection.

Unlike pure hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic level made in the honey does not damage the skin.

The formation of hydrogen peroxide is not the only antibacterial benefits derived from honey. Honey can also stimulate the phagocytic and lymphocytic activity, which is a key immune system response in the fight against infection.

DermaNetNZ recommends using honey from the manuka tree, Leptospermum scoparium to get rid of acne

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