How to Health Consultation with a doctor in Cyberspace

How to Health Consultation with a doctor in Cyberspace
PROGRESS times and technology have made the perpetrators of the virtual world to maximize access to the progress of life. One of them, in the health field.

Through Advantcare, media intermediaries engaged in global health, providing health care professionals with a good quality, affordable, and reliable. However, through the virtual world. So, how its application?

Through e-MobileHealth, for your Blackberry users, simply download the application of e-MobileHealth Advantcare of the Blackberry Application World, you can access medical services and health professionals in Jakarta, Singapore, Malaysia and regionally.

Here, you can submit questions about health, make an appointment with a specialist in Singapore and Malaysia, get a second opinion from a specialist in the panels together, and devise a schedule of inspection and evaluation to Indonesia, Malaysia, as well as other countries become partner of Advantcare.

"This idea has been around since the internet exists. Incidentally internet charges, expensive, expensive to download it would cost. Now the Internet cheaper, jad much needed to lower costs," said Gaby Suhairy, Director Advantcare Indonesia when talking with Legal and Medical Sindo in the Mist Centre, Jakarta, Wednesday (13/07/2011).

Furthermore Gaby said, the same as any other treatment stages, through Advantcare patients will also experience the stages.

"Phase three of treatment. Diagnosis, consultation, and recovery. The diagnosis is often wrong, is not quite right, so that it can damage other body functions. With a virtual consultation, at least people know what the pathway to true or not. While it can consult with doctors abroad not mean having medical treatment abroad, "he added.

E-MobileHealth addition, patients can consult with a physician via e-specialist. Like a digital communication is now increasingly widespread, the consultation can be made digitally. With Advantcare, this consultation session can be done by a specialist outside the city and live abroad without having to travel.

"Do not bother to enjoy the services of Advantcare this, you just need to come to Hazy Medical Center and other clinics Advantcare partners spread across several locations in Jakarta and other cities," said Gaby.

The virtual consultation undertaken involving three parties between patients who will be accompanied by a doctor with a specialist. However, for this session patients are charged a consultation.

"For the cost in Jakarta or Surabaya or Bandung range between Rp700-Rp800 thousand. As for the doctors in Singapore Rp1 ,2-Rp1, 8 million," said Gaby.

Not only the medical consultation, if need treatment abroad, the process of action, estimate costs and hospital choice virtually anything can be discussed with the relevant specialists and Advantcare will help the process of scheduling and other needs.

Advant Care Services is the highlight of the e-Conference. Advantcare believe that medical knowledge is something that should be disseminated to the public so that it will increase their awareness to be responsible for their own health. This concept is to conduct a virtual conference between the public and specialist physicians to discuss health issues in detail. Here, too, will tone Q & A session directly between participants and specialists.
How to Health Consultation with a doctor in Cyberspace

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