Japan's Degree Asia's Largest Technology Exhibition

Japan's Degree Asia's Largest Technology Exhibition
TOKYO - An estimated 600 companies preparing to introduce their technology innovation in Asia's largest technology exhibition, titled Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC), in Chiba, Japan.

As reported by Terra Net, Wednesday (10.05.11), the exhibition which began on October 4 will be held for five days, and is expected to be attended by 200 thousand visitors. The exhibition was also attended by major companies from Japan, such as Toshiba, Sony and Sharp.

Toshiba, as one of the exhibitors, showing off the tablet which they claim as "the thinnest and lightest in the world". Tablets with 10.1-inch screen has a 7.7 millimeter thick (0.3 inches) and weighs 558 grams (19.5 ounces).

Sony itself showcased the high-capable binoculars, which can record digitally in 2D and 3D. These binoculars are used for animal watchers, storm watchers and sports fans.

Sharp is also the exhibition is also not to be outdone by showing off a television set LCD screen that offers a resolution four times higher than the panel high definition (HD) at this time.

As not to be outdone, Hitachi projector display technology that enables 3D holographic images, not counting the power on the screen.
Japan's Degree Asia's Largest Technology Exhibition

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