Google Search Update Algorithm

Google Search Update Algorithm
Google is now
more and more
up to date.
this is because
Google's ranking algorithm update
on the basis of its search engine.
Google also added the latest changes
which affects about 35 percent of the
Google. One of Google employees, Amit
Singhal in his blog posts mentioning
update algorithm is done considering
so the importance of speed of delivery
information today.
"The algorithm should be able to detect if
the results
search was derived from sources that
post a week ago, while the
users need is information about
TV shows that are happening now
for example, "said Singhal was quoted as
detikINET of IT Pro Portal, Saturday
(5 / 11 / 2011).
With the new algorithm, Google will
prioritize the search results about the
events that is happening. So when there is
events such as football, Google will
prioritizing the latest news to be put in
The top row of the search results.
Google Search Update Algorithm

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