HTC Vivid, Smartphone

HTC Vivid, Smartphone
TAIPEI - HTC has confirmed will upgrade their Android smartphones, to be able to run the Android operating system version 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich.

In an official posting on his Facebook page, stating HTC HTC Vivid is the latest smartphone that can run Android version 4.0. In addition, several HTC smartphones that have been issued previously, will also be followed to use the Ice Cream Sandwiches, such as the HTC Sensation, Sensation XL HTC, HTC Sensation XE, Rezound HTC, HTC EVO 3D, HTC EVO 4G and GTC Amaze Design 4G.

"HTC lovers know just how excited we are to get the latest version of Google Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich, so we were happy because today has announced the first wave of HTC phones that will receive the upgrade," HTC's official statement on his Facebook page, as quoted by The Next Web, Tuesday (08/11/2011).

"We have confirmed the new brand, HTC Vivid already started selling today, and have been using Ice Cream Sandwich. Not only that, beginning in 2012 all HTC smartphones that have been mentioned above can also be upgraded using the Ice Cream Sandwich," continued the statement.

However, some of HTC handsets that have been classified as older will seem less than optimal to get the upgrade Ice Cream Sandwich. HTC Sense UI and packages require some additional features to limit the update. It aims to HTC smartphones capable of running updates and additional features without any problem.

Some users of HTC's had complained through the comments on the Facebook page on the inhibition of HTC's latest Android upgrade their property. However, until now HTC has yet to confirm the terms of the upgrade.
HTC Vivid, Smartphone

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