Nokia Tablet Windows 8

Nokia Tablet Windows 8
CALIFORNIA - Nokia said it has agreements with Microsoft's future plans, to produce smartphones based on Windows Phone 7. But apparently, the Finnish mobile phone vendor also interested in Windows 8 tablets.

Reported by the Tech Tree, on Monday (1/11/2011), CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop said today the company will focus on devices like the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710.
"We do not have specific plans for the tablet, but we are very excited about the support on Windows phones and also on Windows 8 and tablet personal computers," said Elop.

"The next time you see the users of the Nokia Lumia appeared on hundreds of millions of tablets, and PCs in the future, then you will see the synergy of it all. It provides an exciting opportunity for Nokia," said Elop.

Microsoft also now seemed busy with plans Windows 8, so there is no news about the emergence of tablet windows 8.

It seems to be interesting if Nokia comes with the tablet. But the presence of tablet Nokia later, will greatly depend on the success of its smartphone on the market
Nokia Tablet Windows 8

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