Scientists Genetic Code Expert Dies

Scientists Genetic Code Expert Dies
NEW YORK - H Gobind Khorana, recipient of the 1968 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for his role describe the genetic code, passed away last Wednesday at the age of 89. Her death was announced by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he became a professor emeritus.

Khorana received the Nobel Prize along with his colleague Robert W. Holley of Cornell University, and Marshall W. Nirenberg of the National Institutes of Health. They work independently of each other and accept the award for showing how genetic information is translated into proteins, which perform the functions of a living cell.

Reported by The New York Times, Tuesday (11/15/2011), their experiments appear in nucleic acid that is found in RNA, a chemical in cells that translate the genetic information contained in DNA.
In 1972, Korana made a breakthrough into two with the first artificial gene construction of premises using chemicals 'off-the-helf'. Four years later, he announced to get an artificial gene that can function in bacteria.

"He's leaving a trail of stunning technical achievement," says Rockefeller University professor, Thomas P Sakmar.
In addition to an amazing achievement, Khorana Laboratory is also a leader in academia and industry. One former student involved in the creation of the Applied Biosystem used to decode the human genome, and one other student, Michael Smith is the recipient of the 1993 Nobel Prize in chemistry knowledge to devise methods to manipulate DNA.

Khorana also been meenerima award Lasker Award for basic medical research in 1968 and the National Medal of Science in 1987.

He was also a modest man who avoided the spotlight. Weeks before he was awarded the National Medal of Science, he did not call back the White House.

Ahead of the award ceremony, a representative from the White House should be tracked at a scientific meeting and said that he would receive the award, only after that he was sure would be present.
Scientists Genetic Code Expert Dies

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