HTC beat Apple in the U.S.

CALIFORNIA - patent dispute involving Apple and HTC, has finally been decided. International Trade Commission (ITC) determines has violated a patent HTC tech giant United States (U.S.) is.

As a result, HTC phones with the technology covered by the patent will be banned in the U.S. starting 19 April 2012.

Meanwhile, HTC calls this decision as a 'victory' because it only affects the one patent rather than 10 as originally on the claim. "We are very pleased with the determination and we respect it," HTC said in a statement, as reported by the BBC, Tuesday (20/12/2011).

According to HTC, the patents related to user-interface features a small or often referred to as 'data tapping' which allows users to retrieve the embedded information, such as phone number and use it to make calls.

After the decision came out, the Taiwanese company will remove it (features) of all their phones, as soon as possible.

"We see very little impact, because there is a solution for the same technology that HTC could implement it in the next four months," said Jayesh Easwaramony from Frost & Sullivan.

"It's a relief HTC, because they have to give up on just one feature," said Easwaramony.

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