Mobile Security Startup

SAN FRANCISCO - Twitter has acquired a start-up company that makes software to enhance the security and privacy on smartphones and other mobile devices.

A startup from San Francisco, Whisper System which specializes in security on smartphones and tablets are powered by Android software.

Whisper System was founded by security experts last year, Moxies Malinspike and Stuart Anderson, offers WhisperCore is software that enables full disk encryption as well as a management tool for Android phones.

Other products include, text encryption, voice encryption, firewall software and backup encryption.

Reported by CBR Online, Wednesday (11/30/11), Twitter said in an emailed statement that the Whisper System will join them on Monday.

Also on his blog, Whisper System says, "The acquisition will bring our technology and expertise into Twitter and service."

On the blog is also written, "We started the Whisper System with the aim of improving the security and privacy for mobile devices."

Although the Whisper System is definitely joining the social networking, but Twitter does not disclose the acquisition price for the deal

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