Mozilla Firefox 9 for Android

Mozilla Firefox 9 for Android
CALIFORNIA - Following the release of Firefox 9, the Mozilla Foundation launched a new version of mobile browser for Android.

The browser formerly known as Fennec, is now present to bring new features to Android, among other things, the interface has been improved, so that the browser is increasingly easy to use on portable devices big sail, as in the tablet.

As with previous releases, Firefox 9 for Adroid include Firefox Sync for storing bookmarks and tabs, which is synchronized on the desktop, laptop, and mobile platforms. In addition, there are, the panel on the left, which aims to ease the switch between pages, by displaying thumbnails of each appearance of tabs.

Reported ITportal, Friday (23/12/2011), for the developers, the new Firefox HTML5 includes devices, including HTML5 Input Tag to access the camera, which makes this application to access the facility's microphone and camera smartphone or tablet.

"The developers will enjoy the equipment HTML5 in Firefox, which makes it increasingly easy to use to make the experience fun and interactive for users telpin and tablets," Mozilla said in his blog

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