Nissan GT-R World's Strongest

Nissan GT-R World's Strongest car advanced Nissan GT- R is second to none. But roughly where the GT-R today's most advanced? The answer may Nissan GT-R is a modified version of the workshop Severnvalley British Motorsport.

They claim to have made Nissan​​ GT-R fastest in the world. reported by autoevolution, if the standard GT-R was given the nickname Godzilla GT-R is for the most rapid called The Hulk.

As the name implies, this car is covered
with a
dark green color accented everywhere. In speed tests, The Hulk has recorded rate maximum speed 351 km per hour. Though speed is obtained with ordinary tires on a wet circuit.

Behind bonnetnya, this car has a V6 engine twin-turbo that has been modified out- out. For example, a kit to increase engine capacity from 3.8 to 4.2 liter. Nissan GT-R has also been awarded with of Garrett turbo, exhaust modifications, high-flow injectors, air intake and inlet manifold, and a new ECU.

The result has a 1250 horsepower engine. Power exceeds the fastest car today Bugatti Veyron Super Sport which achieved 1200 horsepower. Nissan GT-R World's Strongest