Nissan GT-R powered stern

Nissan GT-R powered stern, Nissan GT-R already has a DNA essentially a race car. Body which is embedded with a 3800 cc engine was enough to give a different sensation to the rider.

But it was considered not fit for Switzer modifier. Modifier from the U.S. was trying to make the machine even more powerful.

Reported by Worldcarfans, on Friday (6/29/2012) Switzer called it a Nissan GT-R Z Ultimate Edition Street.

The first change in the machinery sector is more comprehensive, such as replacing the piston, pin, rings, and connecting rod (or bar piston), in order to optimize the engine camshaft.

These components are not complete without upgrading liquid-cooled turbocharger, intercooler, transmission coolers and stainless steel exhaust. As a result the engine was able to catapult power of 1,000 horsepower, or twice that of the original.

For the legs, Switzer tried to change it to look more settled when bulldoze the black asphalt. Therefore, Switzer modify the suspension and chassis as little oprekan on weight reduction on the sport sedan.

"Now use a softer tire, shock is already adjusted, changing the brake system to make it more bite to trap carbon," says Switzer.

Once everything is finished, the car with black dilaburi doff the body in order to match the color of the rim. Nissan GT-R powered stern

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