Effect of Blood in Heart Disease

Effect of Blood in Heart Disease. Person's blood type was not only associated with the right kind of diet, but also the risk of heart disease. People who have blood type AB at high risk.

According to the Harvard study, people with blood type AB 32 percent risk of heart disease. While blood type B risk by 11 percent, and people with blood type A risk is 5 percent higher than those of blood type O.

Although blood group we can not change, but knowing the risk based on blood type is expected to help the doctors to find out who is at risk for heart disease.

"Knowing your blood type is as important to know the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. If we are indeed at risk, we can reduce risk by running away from a healthy lifestyle such as smoking, exercise and eat healthy," said Dr.Lu Qi, assistant professor of the department nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Research carried out involving the analysis of blood group Qi 100,000 people aged 30-75 years who participated in the Nurses' Health Study and Health Professionals Follow-Up Study, which followed for 20 years.

But scientists still want to find out what blood type the link between heart disease risk. But previous research suggests people with blood type A has a level of bad cholesterol (LDL) were higher and the risk of inflammatory blood group AB.

Last year, a study presented at the meeting of the American Hearth Association also mentioned the link between the risk of stroke with blood. AB blood group in men and women, as well as blood group B in women have a higher stroke risk than people with blood type O. Effect of Blood in Heart Disease.

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