Quad Core Android LG stretcher LTE

Quad Core Android LG stretcher LTE.
Flakes about mobile phones
Androud sophisticated LG
began to unfold. Besides
specification that supposedly
extraordinarily frightening,
the product also
already using
LTE-based connections.
It was revealed Jong seok Park, President and CEO of LG
Electronics Mobile Communications Company in the description
received detikINET, Tuesday (28/08/2012).
It said that the latest LG mobile quad core will
uses Qualcomm Snapdragon chips S4 Pro APQ8064S
to support LTE. This is done in order to face
global competition is increasingly fierce.
"This latest smartphone we prepare properly to support LG
Mobile in the global market competition. Close cooperation of
several companies belonging to the large group LG has
contribute the best touch technology with one purpose
namely, providing a memorable experience for
users, "said Park.
Park also claimed that the smartphone-based LTE Quad-Core
LG not only offer the latest super-fast performance
processor but has a battery that is more resistant
longer, brighter screens, the latest touchscreen panel
encased in a slim body.
As previously rumored that the phone is called-
called the LG Optimus M has 4 core 1.5 GHz processor
and 2 GB of RAM memory. Then the camera supported 13
MP, Andreo 320 GPU combined with TrueHD IPS + screen
4.7 "1280 x 800 pixel resolution.
Bears the name of True HD IPS +, supposedly the latest screens
image density reached 320 pixels per inch (ppi)
and stripe RGB IPS panel with a resolution of 1280x768 pixels.
While the level reaches 470 nits brightness with
power consumption 70% lower in screen background
white back.
Unfortunately, Sony has not said when the phone will
marketed. Even so about availability in Indonesia later. Quad Core Android LG stretcher LTE.

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