10 Ways to Sharpen Senses Taste

Someone who has the ability to sense feeling on issues, maybe he did not apply a healthy diet. A study found that people who make a healthy diet can have a keen sense of taste.

Here are 10 ways to sharpen your senses, as reported besthealth, Thursday (20/09/2012), among others:

1. Serve foods naturally
Serve food that you cook in a natural way and avoid presenting too fancy. If you cook fish, make the presentation it looks like a fish. Sense of taste will get stronger if the brain can connect between what you see with what you eat.

2. Stay hydrated
Drink a glass of water every hour or at least 8 glasses a day to prevent mouth is too dry. Dry mouth because of the influence drug consumption or dehydration can affect the sense of taste.

3. Reduce foods that contain high levels of sugar and high salt
Sugar and processed foods containing high amounts of salt can disrupt the function of the sense of taste. Check the nutrition labels on packaged foods, if the food contains more than 200 mg of sodium per serving, switching to a lower salt brand. Similarly apply the sugar content in food.

4. Meet the needs of zinc
Eat foods that contain zinc such as oysters. Zinc deficiency contributes to the loss of the ability to recognize odors and flavors.

5. Waiting until the hungry
Eat only when you feel hungry. Sense of smell and taste will get stronger if you feel hungry and would recognize any kind of smell and taste.

6. Mess
The study found that eating in front of others makes food taste better than eating alone.

7. Season the dish with spices
Add spices into your dishes to make sense of taste nerves get used to the strong flavor. Use spices like chillies, coriander, turmeric and others to revive the taste of food.

8. Chewing food thoroughly
Chew food slowly and thoroughly. It can make food release more flavor and extend the food in the mouth, so spend more to make contact with the nerve sensation.

9. Varying food
When there are multiple types of food on your plate instead of eating steak once, selingilah to eat potatoes or beans. By varying the aroma and taste of food, can make the nerves of taste and smell is not easily bored.

10. Avoid eating foods that are too hot
Avoid eating foods that are very hot because it can damage your sense of taste.