5 Tablet PC Advanced Technology in the Future

5 Tablet PC Advanced Technology in the Future.
5 Tablet PC Advanced Tablet PC is one of the most popular gadgets today. High mobility, useful functions and ease of use make even begin to rival the popularity of tablet PCs.

The technology was growing and expected to be more sophisticated in the future. From the side of the body and its features will be more useful to its users.

Here's prediction that technology will have in the future of tablet PCs, as quoted from PCWorld, Monday (03/09/2012).
Paper Tablet

Tablets in the future likely has a flexible display and thin body almost like paper. For now, the technology is not yet possible. Therefore, the tablet components such as the processor and the battery still can be made with very thin.

However, a variety of new innovations that use nano technology will allow for a flexible tablet. For example, Stanford University has developed a type of battery that can bend-bend.

Body Sensor

Tablet technology will be more useful. In the future an estimated 10 years, tablets will have the capability of sensors to determine what is happening in the user's body or the surrounding environment, such as weather conditions.

According to Professor Lin Zhong daru Rice University, wireless sensors will be installed on the user's body are connected to the tablet. The tablet will feel the symptoms of the disease when exposed to certain users and alert.

Tablet airbag

Not only cars are given a protective airbag facility. Chances are, the tablet will also have a future. Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos reportedly has registered a patent for the airbag tablet.

The point of course to reduce the impact. So when the tablet is dropped, the airbag will inflate immediately to prevent fatal damage to the body tablet.

Tablet pieces

Design Design Buzz homemade tablet is indeed very interesting. The shape is not one unified whole, but rather made up of many pieces. Each piece is said to have its own processor and resources.

The more pieces together, the tablet will be bigger and more powerful. But be careful, puck-kepingnya not to be removed. Technology in the Future.

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