Fainting First Aid Victims

Fainting is a state of unconsciousness caused by reduced blood supply to the brain. Recovery from fainting can be done after a few minutes. Before fainting, most victims experience symptoms of pale skin, cold and clammy, dizzy eyes and dizziness.

According to Stanley M. Zildo as quoted from his book 'First Aid, How to Properly Handling First Aid and Emergency', collapse can be prevented by the victim lay down and lift the leg as high as 15-25 cm. It could also seated with his head touching knees bent.

However, if the fainting has occurred, it can be done the following:

1. Lay the victim, lift the leg as high as 15-25 cm although there is a possibility his head hurt.

2. Open the breathing, perform artificial inhalation if necessary.

3. Open the clothes, especially around the neck of the victim.

4. If the victim vomits, tilt or turn his head to prevent choking.

5. Slowly, wiping her face with cold water and do not pour into the victim's face.

6. Check back throughout the body to see if there is swelling or deformation caused by a fall.

7. Do not be drinking even though the victim is recovered.

8. If help does not work in a few minutes, take the victim to a doctor or paramedic

Fainting First Aid Victims