Harley-Davidson Special Edition is competed in Indonesia

Major motor manufacturer, Harley-Davidson, next year will celebrate the 110th year of his birth. Breath festive day so it was not just blowing in the United States alone, the fans of Harley-Davidson in Indonesia was scrambling to get the motors special edition birthday.

President Director of PT. Mabua Harley-Davidson, Djonnie Grace explained that the announcement of the launch special edition Harley-Davidson birthday to 110 got a very high. And a special edition bike was only produced between 900-3750 depending on the type of unit and it was allotted to the whole world.

"When we say there will be a limited edition motorcycle, many direct messages. There are 460 people who want to," he said.

"Yes, because of this limited edition, of course, not a lot of stuff. We also difficult, but on their own Harley's existing production phases, the first phase, second, third. For this special issue we will arrive in the third phase, that we can only about 15 units, "he said.

Seeing only 15 units are available as well as high interest Harley Indonesia, according Djonnie Mabua also admitted confusion. Originally auction scheme offered, but after much thought, the scheme was not taken.

"Finally, for the buyer of this bike we love two conditions. Firstly he should at least have been buying 4 motors in Mabua, so he's not new and guaranteed their loyalty," said Djonnie.

"The two men must have influence in their respective communities. Communities Harley a lot, at least he held something in those communities," lugasnya.

"Once filtered, the numbers are so far less than 460 men. Way, about 30 people, but it still does not meet demand, but at least it's the easiest way. Remainder later we can try motor in the next phase. Months ahead may be no response from the there (America), "he said.

Motors special edition Harley-Davidson birthday consists of 10 variants which are all equipped with a Smart Security System. There are 10 special edition variants issued manufacturers from Milwaukee, United States.

In the special edition, with the game due to a different display colors to appeal. Motor that will be given special serial number will also be equipped 110th Anniversary emblem bronze in the fuel tank.

For seven variants of the standard Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary, paint Broze and Anniversary Anniversary Vintage Vintage Black will be able to be selected while the 3 variants will CVO clad Diamond Dust paint colors and exclusive Obsidian.

"If in America costs around U.S. $ 5000-10000 more expensive than the standard, but because this special edition so it seems there is no problem. For Indonesia we can only know the price may be next month," complete Djonnie.

Here are 10 Harley-Davidson edition of 110 years:

Custom 1.1200 1,500 units worldwide 2. Super Glide Custom as many as 1450 units worldwide 3. Fat Boy Lo as many as 1750 units worldwide 4. Heritage Softail Classic 1,900 units worldwide 5. Road King as many as 1750 units worldwide 6. Electra Glide Ultra Limited as many as 3750 units worldwide 7. Tri Glide Ultra Classic as many as 1450 units worldwide 8. CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide 1,100 units worldwide 9. CVO Road King as many as 900 units worldwide 10. CVO Road Glide Custom as many as 900 units worldwide