iPhone 5 Appear More Slim

Small leaks about the iPhone 5 continues rolling toward Apple special event on 12 September 2012. One of the most interesting discussion is about how thin the highly anticipated gadget.

In a leaked obtained from Apple Insider, the iPhone 5 is almost certain to be present thinner than the iPhone 4S.

This issue was highlighted from the leaked images are owned iResQ, where there is a single device that is believed to be the latest generation iPhone middle juxtaposed with the iPhone 4.

In the picture it looks if the handset is believed to be the iPhone 5 look more sleek than the next device. Indeed, it is not disclosed in more detail about the thinness. However, clearly visible in the pictures.

Apple itself had previously been spread out invitations for an event that is believed to launch the iPhone 5 on September 12, 2012.

'It's almost here, "a short text in the invitation.

In addition, there is also a bold figure '12 'to indicate that the event was held on September 12. And this is the most attention, at the bottom it says the number '5 'which is shaded.

Seeing it was definitely a lot of people can instantly tell that this bodes for the arrival of the iPhone 5. Because these gadgets have become a hot issue in the world of technology since weeks ago.