Motorola ATRIX HD to a New Software Update

WASHINGTON - Manufacturers phone Motorola has announced a new software update for the Motorola ATRIX HD smartphone users. The company is headquartered in Illinois, United States that presents a number of improvements and feature enhancements.

Reported by Softpedia on Saturday (09/16/2012), Motorola encourages the release of software version 77.12.22.MB886.ATT.en.US. This new update has arrived with an increase to feature camera, WiFi, location and security.

As soon as the update is available for the user's handset, users will receive a notification. Users can choose to update or postpone the update process.

Before starting the installation, the user must ensure that the battery telefonnya has had at least 50 percent of the battery charge. Motorola recommends that the update is downloaded using a WiFi network.

Motorola also revealed, after the software update process is successful, the user is not able to return to the previous software version. Update this software offers users the Motorola ATRIX HD better battery performance and the performance of the game EA / Gameloft is optimized and other improvements.