Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Speaking of the car is not going to have regardless of the exorbitant prices. Especially for sports cars such as Ferrari. But for the F12 Berniletta sales price per unit can vary. And it all depends on the needs of consumers.

As said President Director of PT Surya Sejahtera Automotive Irmawan Poedjoadi, as the official Ferrari dealer in Indonesia, in Jakarta, Saturday (01/09/2012).

"If the price for a standard I can not tell. But to customize it depending on the consumers themselves. So the price can vary," he said, smiling Irmawan.

Irmawan explained to Ferrari F12 Berlinetta have 2 variants, including Standard Customized and Tailor-made Customized.

"Ferrari F12 Berlinetta There is no standard customize and tailor-made customized, in which tailor-made customized customize these standards were improved. So the use of more extensive material provided therein (the cabin). Example about the color of carbon, there is a glosy and others, "said Irmawan.

"There is another use of leather in it. Someone textured, some plastics, and inedesa (the modern). Example jeans, it could have been applied, which is modern but it definitely should be based limidetasinya. Without change vehicle specifications, that specification changes, it will be a new project, "he added.

But when asked what the price of the Standard for the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Customize, baseball Irmawan answer.

"The price, if you customize it depends consumers, where consumers can meet with the designer. Seperak or berapanya So depending on the consumer," he concluded.

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