Sality Virus Deleted But Back Again

Please help, to remove Sality virus antivirus wear what? This case was successfully removed but the virus appeared again and keep repeating. Impact of fixed-term if not removed how?

Answer [Vaksincom]:

I assume you've managed to clean Sality it well and thoroughly. If your computer is connected to a network, chances are that you clean Sality is back because there are files on the network applications dishareing (Full Access) and applications in re-infection to other computers on the network are infected with Sality and the application is run by a computer.

Therefore, if you have a network application used bersma, should the folder permissions / applications are set to "Read Only" and not "Full Access" to complicate the virus to inject the shared application.

If you're not connected to the network and re-infected, which means cleaning Sality did not complete.

To ensure you are protected from reinfection Sality, use antivirus On Access Scanner features the powerful and can capture Sality on file sharing before they can run on your computer.